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  Product Brochure
  Product Brochure French
  AmnioTest™ Education
  AmnioTest™ Education French
  Instructions For Use – 20 swabs
  Instructions For Use – 100 swabs
  Material Safety Data Sheet AmnioTest™ (PL.901) Canadian/U.S.
  Material Safety Data Sheet Buffer Solutions (PL.910 to PL.915) Canadian/U.S. 


   Product Brochure
    PROM Test Procedure Education 
    PROM Test Procedure Education French 
    PROM Test Procedure  with Quiz for P.O.C training
   IFU for Kits Pl950-1/PL50-5/PL950-10
   IFU for Kits Pl950-1/PL50-5/PL950-10 French
   External Positive Control PL953
External Positive Control PL953 French
   PRO∙Mcomplete SDS
   PRO∙Mcomplete SDS (French)
   PRO∙Mcomplete External Positive Control SDS
   PRO∙Mcomplete External Positive Control SDS (French)