COVID-19 Pandemic Donation of Products for Detection of PROM

As a Canadian Manufacturer in May 2020 near the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Pro-Lab Diagnostics aided Canadian Obstetrical Departments and Midwives by donating tests used in detection of rupture of fetal membranes.  Pro-Lab donated 600 tests of PRO·Mcomplete, a rapid bedside test that measures 2 proteins found in amniotic fluid and 600 tests of Amniotest™, a sterile nitrazine swab.  Many hospitals and several Midwifery groups took advantage of this donated product.  Pro-Lab will extend this Donation Program further for those who are interested.

These tests will help with the diagnosis of suspected PROM and help the clinicians expedite patients through Triage or possibly prevent a patient from having to go to the hospital for further testing when used in the Obstetrician’s offices.  PRO·Mcomplete™ is an ideal test in the presence of interfering substances, equivocal results, or cases in which the patient’s history suggests PROM, but physical examination findings fail to confirm the diagnosis.

Both tests are Health Canada Approved and are currently being used throughout Canada.  Further, there is external quality control and training PowerPoints available to satisfy hospital POC requirements.

To ensure opportunity for all clinicians we will provide up to 10 tests per hospital or obstetrical/midwifery practice or up to 3 tests per individual clinicians.  If you would like to take advantage of this pandemic aid and have some tests delivered to your hospital, office, or Midwifery group please contact Karen Moffatt at